Friday, 4 December 2015

How to Omit Tiny Holes at the Bottom Surface of Shirts and Tops?

We are never delighted to discover holesin our tops, but unfortunately for some of us it is a common issue and has become adaily nuisance in our lives. In most cases, the frequent and tiny holes are found at the bottom surface of clothes like shirts, t-shirts and tops. Is there specific reason why the same spot gets victimizedevery time? Yes! After several experiments and tests it has been proventhe culprit is the jeans’ button-tab and its hardware. The continuous rubbing against the sensitive clothes results into tiny holes around the belly-button area. Never has there been a more simple and effective preventive solution until now! Introducing Lickety Klip, the only slip-on solution for tiny holes in shirts and tops!

There are still many people who are unaware of this small, yet efficient product so how does Lickety Klip work? Lickety Klip simply slips over the button-tab of jeans creating a barrier and stopping the rubbing of the jeans’ hardware against the delicate tops. Therefore, it puts an end to tiny holes in shirts and tops! This simple remedy is user friendly taking little effort to use.Plus, you will find it very cost effective costing only a fraction of what it would take to replace a top!

Stopping holes is not the only solution brought to you by Lickety Klip. Yes, there is more! You must have experienced that jeans’ button-tab sometimes making your outer silhouette look unpolished as the curled-out button-tabpokes through your top or shirt. Lickety Klip flattens the button-tab by smoothing outyour belly surface and creating a more beautiful silhouette. Lickety Klip is the last accessory you will ever need to feel confident in your outfit without the worry of discovering a new hole in your top again! Stop by to get yours today! No holes, No bulk, No belt…One Klip!

Sunday, 8 November 2015

LicketyKlip! The Advanced Slip on Solution for Holes In Front Of Shirts

There are many unusual mishaps we will experience within our daily lives, but one we can no longer put up with is the constant appearance of tiny holes in the front of our shirts and tops. Sure we can wear an apron, which some folks have suggested, but I’m sure you will agree this look is uncomplimentary to any outfit. Or like others have suggested, we could just tuck in our shirts. But what about all those fashionable tops which are meant to be untucked?

Frustrated with the only two options available and unwilling to find another hole in our beloved shirts and tops, a better solution was imperative and so LicketyKlip was born!

Think of LicketyKlip as your new superhero. It is the superhero that blocks your jeans’ curled-out button-tab and hardware, aka the bad guys, from rubbing against the surface of a shirt or top, therefore it stops tiny holes beforethey start. The advanced slip-on solution is the perfect barrier for avoiding holes in shirts!Never do you have to give up your favorite pair of jeans or compromise your outfits any more by acquiring a LicketyKlip. Just think of the thousands of dollars you can save from not having to purchase new tops by using a LicketyKlip!

Plus, LicketyKlip is a multi-solution accessory adding further benefits! You must be familiar with the unsightly look of the jeans’ curled-outbutton-tabpoking through the bottom portion of your top? LicketyKlip makes the belly surface flat and attractive by providing the perfect silhouette. And for those who have nickel allergies to the alloy in the jeans button, now you have the perfect solution too!

For all jeans lovers, the perfect solution for the “pesky holes in shirts” epidemic is finally here with the added bonus of a sleeker appearance!  LicketyKlip is available in 4 common colors and is the perfect accessory to compliment and complete any outfit! Be sure to visit to get yours today!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Get Full Coverage to Stop Tiny Holes in Tops and Shirts

Are you frustrated with the tiny holes in your clothing near the bottom portion around the belly surface? You will find that you are not the only one frustrated. In fact this issue is very common. There was a time when people were unsure of the reason of this common occurrence. Now, after several tests were made by clothing experts, the reason came to light. It is the jeans’ button and the hardware that cause continuous rubbing against the bottom surface of clothes. The traditional way to fix tiny holes would be to try sewing them, but now there is an easier way to avoid them to begin with. Introducing Lickety Klip, the only slip-on solution that prevents tiny holes in tops and shirts!

It is impossible to avoid fashionable outfits like jeans so it is paramount to wear a preventative solution to avoid the tiny holes to begin with. The advanced slip-on solution has become popular globally and with the name Lickety Klip, it cannot be forgotten! It is a tiny product, but in comparison to its size, its benefits are huge! It is made of user friendly polymer and is effortless to add it to your everyday wear.

Now, after getting some basic glances, you must be eager to know how it works. Basically, it is a guard wall between the jeans’ hardware and tops or shirts that prevent the rubbing process. Besides that, there are some other benefits. You must have experienced the fact that the jeans’ button sometimes comes out from the belly surface and that is quite enough to spoil your outer look. A Lickety Klip can easily fix this awkward situation making your belly surface flat and more natural. In addition, Lickety Klip is the perfect barrier for those who struggle with nickel allergies. So, what are you waiting for? Just rush to the nearest store and grab this wonderful product today. Lickety Klip is certain to not disappoint and has got you covered!

Monday, 28 September 2015

Are You Tired of Getting Small Holes In Shirts?

Most of the time when we discover holes at the bottom ofa shirts or tops we’ll just add them to our “holey” shirt pile and then wear them strictly around the house or worst case scenario we’ll justthrow themaway. Rarely do we ever find the time or effort to fix and sew the holesbecause really, why bother when we know the shirt or top will never look quite the same again.So suppose you just bought a new top and after wearing it only one time you discovertiny holes at the bottom portion of it again! Does this sound familiar? Do you find the tiny holes in shirts an ongoing problem that never seems to go away? Well, finally there is a solution!

Before providing you with the solution, you must know the reason for the “tiny holes” to begin with. It has been tested and proven that the culprit is the jeans’ button and its button-tab. The hardware and its rigid material used in our jeans constantlyrubs against the bottom portion of the shirts and tops, whicheventually wearsand tearstiny holes. So now that you know the culprit, are you ready to give up wearing your favorite jeans with all your cute fitted tops to avoid the holes? No, absolutely not! And we agree. Your fashion should never be compromised!

The solution is LicketyKlip! LicketyKlip is a polymer clip used to clip over the jeans’ button-tab preventing your delicate shirts and tops from rubbing against the jeans’ rigid material. Its sleek design creates fluidity stopping holes in shirts and tops and stopping you from ever having to worry about your garments getting snagged, worn or torn from your jean’s button and button-tab again! It’s the only slip-on solution that will give you instant results!

And we mean instant results! LicketyKlip adds the finishing touches to all jeans outfits! You must have experienced the curled-out, jeans button-tab poking through your tops creating an unappealing look. LicketyKlip, the only slip-on solutioncreates a flat and sleek silhouette by eliminating the curled-out button-tab making you feel more confident in your outfit!

So when it comes to discovering small holes in shirts and tops, we feel your pain and we understand the importance in the small details to make any outfit look its best.That’s why it has been our fruitful effort to invent the only slip-on solution to remedy both. Try the new compact solution today! No holes. No bulk. No belt…One klip. LicketyKlip!

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Lickety Klip - The Unique Solution for Tiny Holes in Tops and for Ultimately Making any Jean Outfit Complete

Are you frustrated with the tiny holes issue in your shirts and tops? Rest assured, this is not just a personal issue but plagues many. The common tiny holes appear just at the bottom of shirts and tops and right around one’s belly-button and waist area.

After several tests and analysis, it has been proven the perpetrator is the jeans’ button-tab and its rigid button. The constant rubbing causes the tiny holes. So how are you confronting and fixing your dilemma? Are you stuck with constantly buying new shirts to replace the ruined ones or maybe you’ve tried the traditional method of sewing and fixing the holes yourself? Well, get ready to experience a new solution! A solution guaranteed to save your sanity, save you money and make your life easier!

LicketyKlip, the only slip-on solution is the complete remedy for tiny holes in shirts and tops. The jeans’ button and its button-tab are made of hard and rigid materials, which notoriously rub holes in the clothing around the belly button area. The slip on solution creates a smooth barrier allowing your shirts and tops to remain snag free and without holes.

Just think about yourself attending a high-profile office party in your skinny jeans, stilettoes and cute fitted top when just before your arrival you’ve discovered tiny holes in your top. Ughh!!! How frustrating and embarrassing!  Now you’re stuck having to attend the entire party with holes in your top. And the most infuriating part of it all, your top is ruined for good! Now there is an easy remedy! No longer do you need to worry about getting tiny holes in your shirts and tops with the only slip-on solution, LicketyKlip! Just slip LicketyKlip over the button-tab over your jeans and say goodbye to holes!

LicketyKlip has additional benefits too. Let’s stick to the above example again and say you’re at a high profile office party, yet you’ve had too many hors d’oeuvres. You’re wearing your LicketyKlip this time to prevent the curled out button-tab from poking through your fitted top (which we know distracts from anyone’s outfit) and of course you have it on so you don’t have to worry about getting holes in your top too. However, this time, your skinny jeans are feeling too tight and are making you miserable! Fortunately LicketyKlip can give you the instant relief by allowing you to unbutton your jeans’ button-tab, loosen your waistband and give you the extra wiggle room you need while still keeping a flat silhouette! How awesome is that? There’s no sign your jeans are even unbuttoned and now you’re able to attend the remainder party with relief because of LicketyKlip! 

So, what are you thinking about? Make your order today and get the multi-benefit, solution product - LicketyKlip!

Monday, 10 August 2015

Have you Experienced the Clever Solution for Holes in Shirts?

Today’s world is all about fashion and trendy clothes and in this aspect holes or disputes on clothes are not desirable. It cannot be said that one can manage their clothes with the assurance they will always be safe and will never experience a torn part or a hole in a t-shirt or top, however, there are a few ways to prevent such issues, but only one that makes complete sense. Tucking in your shirt is one option, but defeats the purpose of today’s cute tops which are meant to be worn untucked. Wearing an apron is the other option, but really, who wants to do that and hide their fashionable sense? Finally, the solution that makes sense, Lickety Klip!  Lickety Klip is the only slip-on solution, which has brought on a new era, by allowing you to maintain the integrity of your fashionable outfit without the worry of ever receiving a hole in your top again. Using this solution, you will always have confidence of no more holes! Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

No one wants to start out their day with torn clothing, but there are some unusual occasions where such issues occur. It may happen while driving, cooking, working or enjoying a party. Regardless of when it occurs, we attempt our best to remain conscious about our personal brand identity, therefore it’s a necessity to have the instant preventative solution. The single point solution of the slip-on clip is the outcome of expert efforts of some of the most skilled hands. Although there are many people who are aware of this new invention, there are plenty who have yet to explore the efficiency and benefits of the slip-on solution. After exploring the solid benefits, one cannot ignore the effectual effort. The benefits include:
  •    No need to ever sew holes again.
  •    Solution prevents on an instant basis.
  •    Respective clothes will be unchanged.
  •   Does not hamper with the original look.
  •     Anyone can operate the process.  

These are not all the benefits of the Lickety Klip; there are more! If you do not favor bulky belts, you can use the slip-on solution to flatten the silhouette in any outfit. Besides that, if you have experienced weight gain, such clips can help extend your waist size by adding an extra inch to the unbuttoned waistline. The Lickety Klip is the compact solution to managing your waist size! So, what are you thinking about? Are you tired of sewing tiny holes in the front of your shirts for you and your family? Now is the time to acquire the only slip-on solution! Take comfort knowing Lickety Klip is the market’s expert and only manufacturer who has designed its products with non-toxic polymer to increase the ease of functionality and durability of its clips. The online store has included all of its slip-on solution products, so take a little time and make your order today!

Monday, 27 July 2015

Small Holes in Shirts – Frequent Problem of the Moms

We get very much furious when we detect new and tiny holes in our shirts or pullovers and could not for the life of this to detect how they are happening in the first time or first place. It makes us feel worried positively with an unsolved mystery for a long time. You might think about the obvious clothes moth. This may not seem like a parenthood issue to the moms, but we see this as an after effect of the entrance of our first kid.  We throw this issue over there. Almost every mom shared their own frustration and confusion over the issue.
So therefore the moms decided to do something for the repair of their holey shirts. Most of the moms developed multiple theories about the small holes in shirts. First of all they use to blame on the dryer or washer. It is a true fact that the holes cannot be seen in the same location repeatedly because it is not possible. Sleepless nights and screaming babies generally damage the mom’s reasoning power. This theory is obviously proven wrong and a few dryers and washers came and went, but the holes are continuously coming.

Other and even weaker speculation of the mothers is that moths were damaging their shirts. The holes seem that they are damaged by tiny bugs, but again doubt comes that why the creatures only discovered the bottom middle part of the shirt. Disbelieving moms made some clashing theory about the continuous damage of their shirts or tiny holes in the tops. Let us have an experiment to judge the matter properly. First, buy a fresh and hole less new shirt or top. Second wear the shirt or top with jeans tucking the front part of the shirt or top into your pant.

Can you guess then what happened? There is not any hole or even no beginning of the holes. This experiment proves the right cause about the holes in shirts or tops. Now the mystery is solved finally and it is time to find a solution for the small holes in shirts or in the tops. Most of the moms have no way to avoid the kitchen counter throughout the day. So an alternative remedy must be made. Lickety Klip is made from non-toxic polymer and they are imprinted with superhero symbol. That will be known as hole fighters throughout the world very soon.