Friday, 4 December 2015

How to Omit Tiny Holes at the Bottom Surface of Shirts and Tops?

We are never delighted to discover holesin our tops, but unfortunately for some of us it is a common issue and has become adaily nuisance in our lives. In most cases, the frequent and tiny holes are found at the bottom surface of clothes like shirts, t-shirts and tops. Is there specific reason why the same spot gets victimizedevery time? Yes! After several experiments and tests it has been proventhe culprit is the jeans’ button-tab and its hardware. The continuous rubbing against the sensitive clothes results into tiny holes around the belly-button area. Never has there been a more simple and effective preventive solution until now! Introducing Lickety Klip, the only slip-on solution for tiny holes in shirts and tops!

There are still many people who are unaware of this small, yet efficient product so how does Lickety Klip work? Lickety Klip simply slips over the button-tab of jeans creating a barrier and stopping the rubbing of the jeans’ hardware against the delicate tops. Therefore, it puts an end to tiny holes in shirts and tops! This simple remedy is user friendly taking little effort to use.Plus, you will find it very cost effective costing only a fraction of what it would take to replace a top!

Stopping holes is not the only solution brought to you by Lickety Klip. Yes, there is more! You must have experienced that jeans’ button-tab sometimes making your outer silhouette look unpolished as the curled-out button-tabpokes through your top or shirt. Lickety Klip flattens the button-tab by smoothing outyour belly surface and creating a more beautiful silhouette. Lickety Klip is the last accessory you will ever need to feel confident in your outfit without the worry of discovering a new hole in your top again! Stop by to get yours today! No holes, No bulk, No belt…One Klip!