Monday, 10 August 2015

Have you Experienced the Clever Solution for Holes in Shirts?

Today’s world is all about fashion and trendy clothes and in this aspect holes or disputes on clothes are not desirable. It cannot be said that one can manage their clothes with the assurance they will always be safe and will never experience a torn part or a hole in a t-shirt or top, however, there are a few ways to prevent such issues, but only one that makes complete sense. Tucking in your shirt is one option, but defeats the purpose of today’s cute tops which are meant to be worn untucked. Wearing an apron is the other option, but really, who wants to do that and hide their fashionable sense? Finally, the solution that makes sense, Lickety Klip!  Lickety Klip is the only slip-on solution, which has brought on a new era, by allowing you to maintain the integrity of your fashionable outfit without the worry of ever receiving a hole in your top again. Using this solution, you will always have confidence of no more holes! Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

No one wants to start out their day with torn clothing, but there are some unusual occasions where such issues occur. It may happen while driving, cooking, working or enjoying a party. Regardless of when it occurs, we attempt our best to remain conscious about our personal brand identity, therefore it’s a necessity to have the instant preventative solution. The single point solution of the slip-on clip is the outcome of expert efforts of some of the most skilled hands. Although there are many people who are aware of this new invention, there are plenty who have yet to explore the efficiency and benefits of the slip-on solution. After exploring the solid benefits, one cannot ignore the effectual effort. The benefits include:
  •    No need to ever sew holes again.
  •    Solution prevents on an instant basis.
  •    Respective clothes will be unchanged.
  •   Does not hamper with the original look.
  •     Anyone can operate the process.  

These are not all the benefits of the Lickety Klip; there are more! If you do not favor bulky belts, you can use the slip-on solution to flatten the silhouette in any outfit. Besides that, if you have experienced weight gain, such clips can help extend your waist size by adding an extra inch to the unbuttoned waistline. The Lickety Klip is the compact solution to managing your waist size! So, what are you thinking about? Are you tired of sewing tiny holes in the front of your shirts for you and your family? Now is the time to acquire the only slip-on solution! Take comfort knowing Lickety Klip is the market’s expert and only manufacturer who has designed its products with non-toxic polymer to increase the ease of functionality and durability of its clips. The online store has included all of its slip-on solution products, so take a little time and make your order today!