Monday, 27 July 2015

Small Holes in Shirts – Frequent Problem of the Moms

We get very much furious when we detect new and tiny holes in our shirts or pullovers and could not for the life of this to detect how they are happening in the first time or first place. It makes us feel worried positively with an unsolved mystery for a long time. You might think about the obvious clothes moth. This may not seem like a parenthood issue to the moms, but we see this as an after effect of the entrance of our first kid.  We throw this issue over there. Almost every mom shared their own frustration and confusion over the issue.
So therefore the moms decided to do something for the repair of their holey shirts. Most of the moms developed multiple theories about the small holes in shirts. First of all they use to blame on the dryer or washer. It is a true fact that the holes cannot be seen in the same location repeatedly because it is not possible. Sleepless nights and screaming babies generally damage the mom’s reasoning power. This theory is obviously proven wrong and a few dryers and washers came and went, but the holes are continuously coming.

Other and even weaker speculation of the mothers is that moths were damaging their shirts. The holes seem that they are damaged by tiny bugs, but again doubt comes that why the creatures only discovered the bottom middle part of the shirt. Disbelieving moms made some clashing theory about the continuous damage of their shirts or tiny holes in the tops. Let us have an experiment to judge the matter properly. First, buy a fresh and hole less new shirt or top. Second wear the shirt or top with jeans tucking the front part of the shirt or top into your pant.

Can you guess then what happened? There is not any hole or even no beginning of the holes. This experiment proves the right cause about the holes in shirts or tops. Now the mystery is solved finally and it is time to find a solution for the small holes in shirts or in the tops. Most of the moms have no way to avoid the kitchen counter throughout the day. So an alternative remedy must be made. Lickety Klip is made from non-toxic polymer and they are imprinted with superhero symbol. That will be known as hole fighters throughout the world very soon.

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