Sunday, 8 November 2015

LicketyKlip! The Advanced Slip on Solution for Holes In Front Of Shirts

There are many unusual mishaps we will experience within our daily lives, but one we can no longer put up with is the constant appearance of tiny holes in the front of our shirts and tops. Sure we can wear an apron, which some folks have suggested, but I’m sure you will agree this look is uncomplimentary to any outfit. Or like others have suggested, we could just tuck in our shirts. But what about all those fashionable tops which are meant to be untucked?

Frustrated with the only two options available and unwilling to find another hole in our beloved shirts and tops, a better solution was imperative and so LicketyKlip was born!

Think of LicketyKlip as your new superhero. It is the superhero that blocks your jeans’ curled-out button-tab and hardware, aka the bad guys, from rubbing against the surface of a shirt or top, therefore it stops tiny holes beforethey start. The advanced slip-on solution is the perfect barrier for avoiding holes in shirts!Never do you have to give up your favorite pair of jeans or compromise your outfits any more by acquiring a LicketyKlip. Just think of the thousands of dollars you can save from not having to purchase new tops by using a LicketyKlip!

Plus, LicketyKlip is a multi-solution accessory adding further benefits! You must be familiar with the unsightly look of the jeans’ curled-outbutton-tabpoking through the bottom portion of your top? LicketyKlip makes the belly surface flat and attractive by providing the perfect silhouette. And for those who have nickel allergies to the alloy in the jeans button, now you have the perfect solution too!

For all jeans lovers, the perfect solution for the “pesky holes in shirts” epidemic is finally here with the added bonus of a sleeker appearance!  LicketyKlip is available in 4 common colors and is the perfect accessory to compliment and complete any outfit! Be sure to visit to get yours today!

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