Monday, 28 September 2015

Are You Tired of Getting Small Holes In Shirts?

Most of the time when we discover holes at the bottom ofa shirts or tops we’ll just add them to our “holey” shirt pile and then wear them strictly around the house or worst case scenario we’ll justthrow themaway. Rarely do we ever find the time or effort to fix and sew the holesbecause really, why bother when we know the shirt or top will never look quite the same again.So suppose you just bought a new top and after wearing it only one time you discovertiny holes at the bottom portion of it again! Does this sound familiar? Do you find the tiny holes in shirts an ongoing problem that never seems to go away? Well, finally there is a solution!

Before providing you with the solution, you must know the reason for the “tiny holes” to begin with. It has been tested and proven that the culprit is the jeans’ button and its button-tab. The hardware and its rigid material used in our jeans constantlyrubs against the bottom portion of the shirts and tops, whicheventually wearsand tearstiny holes. So now that you know the culprit, are you ready to give up wearing your favorite jeans with all your cute fitted tops to avoid the holes? No, absolutely not! And we agree. Your fashion should never be compromised!

The solution is LicketyKlip! LicketyKlip is a polymer clip used to clip over the jeans’ button-tab preventing your delicate shirts and tops from rubbing against the jeans’ rigid material. Its sleek design creates fluidity stopping holes in shirts and tops and stopping you from ever having to worry about your garments getting snagged, worn or torn from your jean’s button and button-tab again! It’s the only slip-on solution that will give you instant results!

And we mean instant results! LicketyKlip adds the finishing touches to all jeans outfits! You must have experienced the curled-out, jeans button-tab poking through your tops creating an unappealing look. LicketyKlip, the only slip-on solutioncreates a flat and sleek silhouette by eliminating the curled-out button-tab making you feel more confident in your outfit!

So when it comes to discovering small holes in shirts and tops, we feel your pain and we understand the importance in the small details to make any outfit look its best.That’s why it has been our fruitful effort to invent the only slip-on solution to remedy both. Try the new compact solution today! No holes. No bulk. No belt…One klip. LicketyKlip!

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