Saturday, 5 September 2015

Lickety Klip - The Unique Solution for Tiny Holes in Tops and for Ultimately Making any Jean Outfit Complete

Are you frustrated with the tiny holes issue in your shirts and tops? Rest assured, this is not just a personal issue but plagues many. The common tiny holes appear just at the bottom of shirts and tops and right around one’s belly-button and waist area.

After several tests and analysis, it has been proven the perpetrator is the jeans’ button-tab and its rigid button. The constant rubbing causes the tiny holes. So how are you confronting and fixing your dilemma? Are you stuck with constantly buying new shirts to replace the ruined ones or maybe you’ve tried the traditional method of sewing and fixing the holes yourself? Well, get ready to experience a new solution! A solution guaranteed to save your sanity, save you money and make your life easier!

LicketyKlip, the only slip-on solution is the complete remedy for tiny holes in shirts and tops. The jeans’ button and its button-tab are made of hard and rigid materials, which notoriously rub holes in the clothing around the belly button area. The slip on solution creates a smooth barrier allowing your shirts and tops to remain snag free and without holes.

Just think about yourself attending a high-profile office party in your skinny jeans, stilettoes and cute fitted top when just before your arrival you’ve discovered tiny holes in your top. Ughh!!! How frustrating and embarrassing!  Now you’re stuck having to attend the entire party with holes in your top. And the most infuriating part of it all, your top is ruined for good! Now there is an easy remedy! No longer do you need to worry about getting tiny holes in your shirts and tops with the only slip-on solution, LicketyKlip! Just slip LicketyKlip over the button-tab over your jeans and say goodbye to holes!

LicketyKlip has additional benefits too. Let’s stick to the above example again and say you’re at a high profile office party, yet you’ve had too many hors d’oeuvres. You’re wearing your LicketyKlip this time to prevent the curled out button-tab from poking through your fitted top (which we know distracts from anyone’s outfit) and of course you have it on so you don’t have to worry about getting holes in your top too. However, this time, your skinny jeans are feeling too tight and are making you miserable! Fortunately LicketyKlip can give you the instant relief by allowing you to unbutton your jeans’ button-tab, loosen your waistband and give you the extra wiggle room you need while still keeping a flat silhouette! How awesome is that? There’s no sign your jeans are even unbuttoned and now you’re able to attend the remainder party with relief because of LicketyKlip! 

So, what are you thinking about? Make your order today and get the multi-benefit, solution product - LicketyKlip!

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